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Picture of Earth from Space Cowtown Computer Consulting - Cowtown Computer Consulting designed and built this website for free for the Society.

Cool Web Sites - This web site is listed as a "cool web site" by!

Mountain Air Online Service - This web site is listed as a "cool web site" here also!

On Ice - A Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas website for those interested in activities on ice, such as pleasure skating, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, etc.

Something Besides Bars - This is a free web site for Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, and Bisexual people who are looking for local events. Use this site to start or join a local GLBT poetry club!

Walt Whitman - The Wikipedia article about Walt Whitman.

The Calamus Custer of Poems from Leaves of Grass - The section of homoerotic poems by Walt Whitman. A must read for all gay men!

Leaves of Grass (complete text) - A true pleasure to read and enjoy!

Kalamos and Karpos from the Greek Mythology - The story of Kalamos for whom the Calamus herb is named.

Acorus Calamus (scientific information) - basic scientific info here.

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