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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. We will continue to add to these questions as time goes on.

I don't like the size of the print on the web sites. It's too big/small. Can I change it?
Yes. Unlike most sites, we designed the web site to use print that obeys the industry standards so you can change its size in your browser. For Internet Explorer, on the menu bar, click on "View" and then on "Text Size." A menu on the right will allow you to set it to one of the following: Smallest, Small, Medium, Large, or Largest. It defaults to Medium. You may also notice that this method has the added advantage that text "floats," that is, no matter what size you make your browser, it will fill in the blank spots to maximize your viewing area. For this reason, you should consider maximizing your browser when viewing this web site.

Why do you use black on white instead of colorful graphic print?
University level research on human factors in computing has shown users find colorful graphics appealing at first, but find reading black on white much more comfortable. Also, when users are given the exact same material in colors versus black on white, they retain 30 to 50% more when it's black on white. The theory is that since we learn to read using black on white, we are conditioned to learn more with black on white.

Is this an Internet poetry scam? Are you going to hound me to purchase anthologies with six twenty line poems per page and to pay $595 to go to a conference where I get a silver bowl and medal? Are you secretly a branch of companies that do these types of things?
No, No, and No.

Is membership really free? How are the Society and web site funded?
Yes, membership is really free. The Society and web site are privately funded by a group of gay poets who believe in its mission. Costs covered include advertising fees, web servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees.

Is the Society a non-profit?
Yes and No. The Society will never make a profit, however, it is not registered with the IRS as a non-profit. This registeration process takes thousands of dollars and several years to complete. At some point in the future we may pursue this, but currently it's cost prohibitive.

Is the contest really free? What is the purpose of the contest if it's free?
Yes, the contest is really free. It's purpose is to stimulate interest in GLBT poetry, the web site, and the Society.

How is your contest different from most?
Our contest is different in that our members will vote to determine the winner, rather than a judge or a panel of judges. We feel this is better because it ensures that the winning poems have popular appeal in addition to formal academic merit.

Do you publish anthologies?

How are poems selected for anthologies? Do you just publish anything to help sell anthologies?
Since our members rate and vote on poems for the contest, it gives us a natural way to select more popular poems for publication. We won't publish just anything.

What are the layouts, costs of anthologies?
Anthologies will be about 100 poems, 200 to 250 pages, and will cost between $10 and $15 each. If members only want a small number, we will use a "print on demand" service and they will run about $15. If members want more copies, we will be able to use a traditional printing company, and the cost will go down to about $10 each and the quality will be much better and very professional looking.

What is the profit level for anthologies? Where will the profits go?
We estimate $3 to $4 per volume sold. All of this money will go towards advertising fees, web servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees.

Are anthologies valid literary credits?
Not at first. However, we hope over time they will be some day become recognized as valid literary credits.

How thin is the GLBT poetry market? How will sales of anthologies be generated?
The poetry market is very thin in general. Just go to a local bookstore and count the shelves of poetry books compared to other sections. The GLBT poetry market is even thinner. Because of this, most sales of anthologies will come from members buying them for themselves and their families and friends.

Do you plan on marketing the poets and anthologies?
Unfortunately, we do not have the financial resources to market poets or anthologies.

On your input forms, some boxes are white and some are yellow, and it appears to be random. What's up this this? Is it a bug in your web site?
This is a bug with the Google tool bar for Internet Explorer. The field and form still work. It's a cosmetic problem that some are randomly yellow instead of white. To disable this, on the Google tool bar, click on options. A dialog box will come up. Under the section "Productivity," click on the button labeled "AutoFill Settings..." Another dialog box will come up. In the lower right corner, under the heading "Highlight", uncheck the check box. Click OK on the dialog box and it will save and disappear. On the remaining dialog box, click OK and it will save settings and diappear.

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